Salam darlings,

Pada yang dah beli Gogensaya nak bgtau kita bukan setakat boleh minum je tau. Boleh jugak letakkan dimuka,leher dan badan utk lebih glowing. Kegunaan lain Gogen

1) Campurkan dalam serum,pelembap atau krim (utk muka dan leher) Taburkan sedikit (secubit) dalam apa-apa krim

2) Buat masker

3) Campurkan dalam body lotion (Utk badan)

4) Taburkan sedikit dalam apa-apa jenis sup


Jom tgk testi ni dulu,terbaek!!!


testi gogen

Dalam GOGEN memang dah sedia ada Vitamin C. Jom tgk info vitamin c powder utk kulit.

Vitamin C Powder is proven to help protect the skin from photo-damage from sun exposure.  Vitamin C taken orally does not have the same skin care benefit – it must be applied directly to the skin.  However, Vitamin C Serums have a tendency to become unstable quite quickly. There is not this problem with the C powder.

Premature aging is prevented by using an anti-oxidant  promoting collagen synthesis, this improve the skin’s overall tone and texture. By neutralizing the effects of environmental attack, science has proven that the daily application of topical Vitamin C will help retard the aging process. Mix with any of your favorite products in the palm of your hand to instantly convert them into a state-of-the-art Collagen + Vitamin C formula.

The benefits of a topical anti-oxidant – one of the gold standards of dermatology – is as simple as adding a little sprinkle of this easy to use Vitamin C powder to your moisturizer. Featuring 99.8% potency, this treatment powder protects skin from one of the leading causes of premature aging – free radical damage – during the day.

Vitamin C also gently lightens hyperpigmentation, for a more even and radiant complexion.

* Minimizes skin discoloration and improves clarity

* Visibly improves skin’s health and radiance

* Provides anti-aging antioxidant protection

* Improves skin tone and texture

* A convertible collagen + vitamin c that can be mixed in with your favorite products

* Protect against free radical damage, the cause of 99% of all aging

* Brighter skin tone



* Kulit sensitif perlu kurangkan kuantiti gogen atau peptan yg dicampur dalam krim pilihan anda.


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